Final reports


Students Reports

Prof. C. Takoudis


Joel Abrahamson

Modeling of Alternative High Dielectric Constant Thin Films

Kuan F.Lin

Investigation of Novel Semiconducting Materials

Prof. A. Linninger


Jacob Hunter

Design of Solvent Recovery Systems Under Uncertainty

Melanie Rondot

VOC Reduction by Dynamic Condenser Design

Sara Inwood

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics to Solve Fluid Flow Problems

Sean Anderson

Modeling changes in Brain Pressures, Volumes and Cerebral Capillary Fluid Exchange: Hydrocephalus

Joel Stanfield

Developing a Volume Sensor for the Venricular System of the Brain

Prof. K. Brezinsky

(Research Advisor)

Naja Joseph

Jason Burbey

Microwave Assisted Fluidized Bed Synthesis I & II

Prof. A. Mansoori

(Research Advisor)

Xavier Hailey

Gimena Gordillo

Nanopowder Production: A Comparison of Several Methods-I & II

Prof. J. Regalbuto

(Research Advisor)

Ashley Dering

Catalyst Preparation: Uptake of Gold onto Different Supports

Jaime O. Robles

The Engineering of Pt/Carbon Catalyst Preparation for application on Proton Exchange Fuel Cell Memebraines